Member-elected board candidates

Member-elected Director Candidate Profiles

Please see below the profiles of those who are currently standing for election as a Member-elected Director on the FDCA Board. Please note that the profiles below are verbatim as supplied by the candidates.

Voting will commence on Monday 21 October 2019. Electronic ballot forms must be received by no later than close of business (5pm AEDT) on Monday 4 November 2019. Any electronic ballot forms received after this time and date will be deemed invalid and not included in the formal count.


Magda Sanchez

Magda Sanchez

Magda has been involved in the Early Childhood industry for over 26 years and holds a double degree in Early Childhood Education from the UNE (Aus) and the ISPPEI (Per) plus a certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training.

Early on in her career Magda got her call as part of a government funded pilot program which targeted early childhood education in marginal areas that made families aware of early learning’s importance and benefits to their children’s life, a task that was achieved by actively engaging and supporting community leaders, facilitating resources and training to the local communities involved, empowering them so they could create their own resources to benefit and improve their standard of living, increasing early childhood education enrolments and literacy within the young.

Magda decided to call Australia home in 2000, then became involved with a great and dynamic and diverse community based preschool. Where she understood and applied her experience into building strong partnerships with the families in her local community, implementing a sense of inclusiveness and diversity in her service which improved the families and children’s early community engagement and social skills.

Since Magda started Family Daycare she has been an advocate of community engagement within the Sutherland Shire, her involvement with the local community through social and educational activities is quite prominent and is an active member of the Catholic Bereavement support group.

Since being awarded the 2014 Excellence in Family Day Care Awards National Educator of the Year Award, Magda has taken full advantage of her newly found profile, and in 2019 was a finalist in the Sutherland Shire business awards where nominations are given according to individual nominations from the local community in a category where she competed against services more than ten times the size of her small FDC.

Janice Francis

Janice Francis

Janice Francis is the Manager of Family Day Care Sydney Wide, the largest community-based service in Sydney and the third oldest FDC service in NSW. FDC Sydney Wide is part of the The Infants’ Home Child and Family Services, known for its thought-leading, research-based practice and focus on vulnerable and disadvantaged children.

With over 20 years in the early childhood sector, including 12 in the not-for-profit family day care sector, Janice uses her experience and skill to build the capacity of Educators and raise the profile of FDC. Under her guidance, FDC Sydney Wide was named a Perpetual Star Award Winner 2018.

Janice is passionate about evidence-based practice and providing Educators with guidance and mentoring opportunities to embed their learning in their services. She has been instrumental in supporting Educators to collaborate with families and ensuring all children have access to early intervention. She has instituted a bi-annual Educator conference for FDC Sydney Wide and local educators, with a focus on pedagogy and practice.

Janice has previously been a Board Member of the NSW Family Day Care Association and holds a Bachelor of Teaching Early Childhood, with a major in special education. 

Fiona Pattinson

Fiona Pattinson

Fiona is passionate about early childhood and has worked in the sector for more than 34 years. Fiona has gained a breadth of experience across all dimensions of early childhood working in a variety of early childhood services, including preschool, long day care, family day care and as a nanny.

In 2007 Fiona decided to share her skills and took up a role as an early childhood lecturer/facilitator at Wodonga TAFE training students and trainees.  Fiona realised a passion for taking children outdoors into nature and the benefits it brings and set up Wodonga TAFE Nature Playgroup, students could put theory into practice with children, families and community.

In 2016 Fiona joined Greater Hume Children Services as Playgroup/Support Coordinator with Family Day Care and is now Team Leader. Fiona has successfully managed and led the Coordination Unit delivering family day care services across a large geographical area in southern NSW and north eastern Victoria through strengthening business practices and a focus on quality underpinned by nature based philosophy. Fiona believes that family day care is an integral part of the sector, and holds a special place in children and families lives, providing quality small group care and building those ever important relationships.

During 2019 in response to community needs in Greater Hume Shire, Fiona continued to lead and expand the family day care service, whilst establishing two centre based services using a nature play based philosophy.

“Taking children outdoors and letting children just “Be” is so important, and is one of my passions. I share my enthusiasm, knowledge and experiences outdoors with educators, children and staff, in using real tools and real objects, helping them  to build resilient, confident children, who care for the world around them and in the future.”