Family Day Care Legal Services

Having the peace of mind knowing that a team of dedicated legal professionals, who can assist you with legal and debt recovery issues, at your fingertips is priceless.  For less than the cost of an hour legal consultation, you can have 12 months of professional legal support to assist you with the legal issues that may arise in your family day care business.

Ready access to expert legal advice is invaluable. Past experience has shown that there is a very real need for timely, accurate legal advice to help educators and services with problems or issues encountered while operating their family day care business. This is why Family Day Care Australia has partnered up with Vardanega Roberts Solicitors, experts in family day care legal matters.

Our Family Day Care Legal Advice is a unique and valuable service that can offer on demand legal advice, while our Debt Recovery service can assist in managing bad debts.

The Family Day Care Legal Services Package allows you to combine both the Legal Advice and Debt Recovery services and save over 15%!



Legal Services Package = $163.90

Legal Advice only= $110.00

Debt Recovery only= $97.90

All prices above include GST.

How to order

Simply call us on 1800 658 699 and talk to one of our friendly consultants


Complete the below form and send it back to us.

Legal Services order form - for educators




The legal advice scheme is delivered by Vardanega Roberts Solicitors ABN 44 741 417 436. Family Day Care Australia ABN 93 094 436 021 AFSL 329 616 receives a fee for referring this service. Because we don’t know your legal needs, we can’t advise if this service will suit you.

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