Growing your Business

Once you’re up and ready to open your doors, the first question on your mind will likely be: how do I find families looking for care and grow my business?

With the help of your local service and FDCA, you’re covered!

Advertising vacancies, fielding enquiries from interested families and placing them with the right educators is a responsibility that is shared between the service and educator, and how this works will vary from service to service.

More often than not, your family day care service will have a waiting list of children in the area looking for the right educator and it won’t be long before you’re introduced to interested families seeking care.

You can also give your business a boost by placing your marketing hat on and spreading the word of your new family day care business!

But don’t rush to Google just yet. FDCA has a range of promotional resources and tools that are exclusively available to FDCA members.

The FDCA Family Day Care Locator

As an FDCA member you will receive a FREE listing on the FDCA Family Day Care Locator, which allows families to search for family day care in their local area.

FDCA members can customise their locator listing with their business name, a photo and vacancy information. Best of all the FDCA Family Day Care Locator is one of the top-ranking Google Search listings for those searching for family day care. This means, more traffic to the Locator and more leads for your business!

The Market My Business Hub

FDCA members will also be able to access the FDCA Market My Business Hub.

The Market My Business Hub is specially designed for family day care educators looking to market their business – and best of all, it’s completely FREE for our members.

The Market My Business Hub contains a range of posters, social media banners, videos and flyers to share in person or on your own digital networks, that can be customised with your personal branding.