Benefits of Family Day Care

In a 2019 survey* undertaken by Family Day Care Australia of over 2,000 families using family day care, respondents cited that they chose family day care for its unique natural home environment and small group settings.

In the same survey, families said that they love having their children in family day care due to the close bonds children form with educators and the one-to-one attention their children receive from educators.

Other benefits of family day care include:

  • Family day care provides early education and care in a nurturing, natural and flexible home learning environment
  • Family day care offers the opportunity for children to form genuine long lasting bonds with their qualified and passionate early childhood educator
  • Family day care can offer care during standard hours, evenings, before/after school, during school holidays and in some cases overnight and weekends
  • Family day care educators offer individualised learning programs for the children they care for
  • Family day care can provide education and care for babies and children up to 13 years of age; offering the possibility for siblings to be cared for together, all in one location
  • Family day care provides experiences which reflect the diversity of your community

*Family Day Care Perceptions Survey, Family Day Care Australia, 2019