Frequently Asked Questions

What is National Family Day Care Week?

National Family Day Care Week is a chance for the family day care sector to unite and celebrate the amazing work of educators and approved services in shaping the lives of more than 85,000 children around the country.

The week-long community event is an excellent opportunity to raise the image and profile of family day care as an integral part of Australia’s early childhood education and care sector.

It will also provide a platform for approved family day care services to collectively advocate for quality early childhood education and school age care.

When is National Family Day Care Week?

In 2023 National Family Day Care Week will take place from 1-7 May.

How can I/we celebrate National Family Day Care Week

We will be encouraging all educator and services to hold their own National Family Day Care Week picnic during the week.

Once you have registered your picnic, FDCA will use the information you have provided to distribute a media release in the lead up to National Family Day Care Week to your local media outlets to create positive media about family day care and share family day care's unique benefits with all Australians.

To register your picnic, click here.

Do I have to take part? / Why should I take part?

Taking part in and sharing National Family Day Care week with the broader community helps educators and approved services to highlight to the community the role of play in children’s learning and how this is supported every day in family day care.

By getting involved participants have an opportunity to celebrate and share the many unique benefits of family day care.

The suggested activities in the Programming Ideas Guide are all great ways to entice local media to cover National Family Day Care Week and raise the image and profile of the sector.

What if it’s raining or cloudy?

If you have planned a picnic and Mother Nature delivers some nasty weather we encourage you to still go ahead with the event.

If possible, have a safe and protected wet weather venue organised in advance so you can easily move your guests there if needed – it might be inside the approved service, under a pergola or in your garage or lounge room.

There are still lots of activities you can offer in the event of bad weather:

  • make an artwork exhibition of the children’s wishes
  • perform a song, dance or presentation
  • host a dinner or afternoon tea

How can I/we share photos of our celebrations?

You can share your photos on social media by posting them and using the hashtag #FDCWeek23.