FDCA Learning Hub

About the FDCA Learning Hub

Family Day Care Australia (FDCA) has partnered with one of Australia’s most respected early childhood professional development and advocacy organisations, Early Childhood Australia (ECA), to provide our members with an outstanding new way to meet their professional development needs.

Established in 2014, the ECA Learning Hub is highly regarded for its contemporary and evidence-based library of courses. Through FDCA’s Member Zone, you’ll gain access to a suite of more than 45 online modules housed on our partnered Learning Hub as part of your FDCA membership.

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A partnership worth your time

Our collaboration with ECA will save valuable time and money, providing you with over $100 worth of education and training annually at no extra cost!  

Each course can be completed from the comfort of your home, or in the company of your colleagues, at a pace that suits you.

Over 45 modules that “speak the language” of educators

Finding professional development opportunities that address the unique framework, standards and requirements under which family day care operates can be a labor-intensive process.

You want to be sure that the time you put into professional development delivers practical and meaningful benefits, from verified early childhood professionals and experts in the field.

As one of Australia’s premier sources of early childhood knowledge, research and development, you can be confident that the ECA and FDCA Learning Hub will meet your high standards in online learning and result in quality outcomes for yourself, your colleagues and your team.

Supporting You

As your national peak body, supporting continuous improvement in pedagogical, regulatory and operational practice and creating spaces for the sector to enjoy collaborative learning and networking, are key parts of our mission statement.

Like you, we strive for ongoing excellence and quality outcomes for more Australian children – and we know that the best way to make that happen is to support our members to learn, grow and share their expertise.

Accessing the ECA Learning Hub

Access to the ECA Learning Hub will be at your fingertips, through the FDCA Member Zone.

Simply log in and navigate to the subheading “Learning Hub”, where you’ll be taken to the home page.

You can also access our video tutorial below:

What if I haven’t activated my FDCA Member Zone?

To activate your online account:

  1. Click here to activate your free account (for the best experience, use the latest Chrome browser)
  2. Enter your registered email address
  3. An email will then be sent to your email address; click on the 'create password' button
  4. Create and confirm your password
  5. Click here to login and enter your FDCA Member Zone.

We look forward to helping you achieve your career goals through this significant expansion to our professional development space, and thank our colleagues at ECA for their support of our sector as an invaluable part of the early childhood education and care landscape.