Personal Accident for Children

It’s a fact of life that children have accidents. Fortunately, most accidents amount to little more than a scrape or a knock. But if it’s a little bit more serious, and when a child is injured in your family day care service, the parent may very well ask you to help pay the bills.

Personal Accident Insurance for Children comes standard as part of Family Day Care Australia's Family Day Care Insurance Package.

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Key benefits of our Personal Accident for Children Insurance

1. Out of pocket expenses cover*

The policy will cover out of pocket expenses incurred by parents as a result of an injury to children in your care up to a maximum of $5,000 for any one claim.

2. Capital benefits cover*

This policy will provide a lump sum payment to parents for certain injuries that occur to children while in your care up to a maximum of $30,000.

3. Accidental Death*

Accidental death cover for educators up to $30,000.

Additional Information

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*For a full list of policy benefits, conditions and their limits please refer to the product disclosure statement located here.


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