FDCA Compliance Dashboard

Family Day Care Australia's Compliance Dashboard provides service members with the ability to monitor all aspects of their educator's compliance.

The dashboard allows a service to check the insurance status of any of their educators that are FDCA members and view their educators' evidence of insurance document where they have renewed or set up a new policy this year. The dashboard will show whether the educator's insurance status is:

  • Active;
  • Due to expire within 45 days; or
  • Expired / cancelled

Services also have the ability via the dashboard to update a range of information about their educators, including the status of their:

  • National Police Checks
  • Working with Children Checks
  • First Aid Training
  • Anaphylaxis Training
  • Emergency Asthma Training

The Compliance Dashboard replaces Family Day Care Australia's old Insurance Status Reports and is designed to provide your service with quick, real-time access to the information you need on a daily basis.

To access your service's Compliance Dashboard you can activate your FDCA Member Zone here or if you have already activated your account please click here to enter your FDCA Member Zone.


The compliance dashboard is provided to services as a guide only and is designed to support services in their role of management of their educators. As the report is computer generated there is potential for errors including incorrect display of an educator’s status. Please note that educators paying for their policy through the premium funder (instalment payments) may have their policy cancelled due to non-payment. The premium funder will notify Family Day Care Australia of the educators last paid-up-to date which will display on the report as the cancellation effective date. The cancellation effective date can be backdated and will be displayed on the report once Family Day Care Australia has been notified of the cancellation. If you have any questions in regards to the information displayed, please contact Family Day Care Australia on 1800 658 699.