2022-2025 FDCA Strategic Plan

As a member association, the needs, challenges and opinions of our members provides a fundamental foundation in establishing our strategic priorities.

In late 2021, FDCA commissioned an independent member survey to assess the progresson of several strategic objectives during the period 2018-2021; to better understand the value of membership and member satisfaction; to determine any additional services FDCA could provide to enhance the member experience; to examine the key issues and challenges facing the sector and how FDCA can help address these; and ultimately to inform our strategic planning process to ensure that the national peak is aligned with the needs of its members.

While the 100-page report provided comprehensive analysis of each of these issues, there were a number of very encouraging findings for FDCA, particularly off the back of the unprecedented challenges of COVID.

These included:

  • Sustained high member satisfaction and net promoter scores with a notable increase in net promoter scores among service members
  • Strong sentiment regarding FDCA effectively representing the sector with 75% of services and educators agreeing or strongly agreeing
  • Strong acknowledgment that FDCA understands sector challenges, again with a notable positive increase among service members

Additionally the report provided insights into a number of consistent themes around key issues and challenges formembers.

These included:

  • Administrative burden remains a key challenge for educator and service members and has not eased since our last survey
  • The impacts of COVID have been significant, particularly for educators
  • Awareness and understanding, being ‘valued’ by governments and the broader reputation of the sector was of concern to members
  • Inequitable/inadequate funding frameworks remain a challenge
  • For services, the overwhelming challenge was consistently skills shortages and the increasing challenge of recruiting new educators
  • The importance and prevalence of these key themes throughout the survey findings provided significant guidance in reviewing our strategic priorities and shone a spotlight on a number of key areas of focus for the period 2022-2025

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