2018-2021 FDCA Strategic Plan

As a member association, the needs, challenges and opinions of our members provides a fundamental foundation in establishing our strategic priorities.

In late 2017 Family Day Care Australia (FDCA) commissioned an independent member survey to establish benchmarks including member satisfaction, to provide insight into what members like and what they want more of, to explore the key issues and challenges facing the sector, and to inform our strategic planning process to ensure that the national peak is aligned with the needs of its members.

While the 100 page report provides a comprehensive analysis of each of these issues, a number of consistent findings were identified including:

  • A significant increase in the organisation’s Net Promoter Score and member satisfaction rating.
  • Consistent sector challenges including image and profile, regulatory and administrative burden and sector viability.
  • A desire for awareness and promotion, strong advocacy, opportunities for professional learning, development and networks, and for support with operational management and professional practice.

The importance and prevalence of these key themes throughout the survey findings provided significant guidance in framing our strategic priorities and they are reflected throughout our strategic goals for 2018-2021.

Click here to view a copy of the 2018-2021* FDCA Strategic Plan.

*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, FDCA's Strategic Plan was extended from 2018-2020 to 2018-2021.