Board Election Candidate Profiles

Olivia Moller

Olivia Moller

My name is Olivia Moller, I have been in the Early Childhood sector for 33 years, working in long day care, kindergarten and family day care (as an educator originally).

My qualifications are Diploma of Children Services and Cert 4 Business Management (Frontline Management).

For the last 10 years I have been the approved provider of Let’s Go Family Day Care, and from 2016-2019 I was also the approved provider for Let’s Go OSHC Seville and Let’s Go OSHC Wandin Yallock. I started the OSHC programs to help the schools boost their enrolments. When numbers took off, I transferred the services to the relevant schools.

At one point, I had two services (FDC and OSHC) with an exceeding rating with the other OSHC service at meeting.

In 2016, Lets’ Go Family Day Care won the FDCA Service of the Year Award (The Emerging Star).

In 2016, I was also asked to write an article that went into the ACECQA newsletter on maintaining a quality service in family day care.

I have a genuine passion for the family day care sector, and helping communities with access to child care (particularly in regional/rural areas) is something I am always aiming to achieve, regardless if it’s from an In Venue or residential premises.

I am a hands-on provider and make a point of getting to know each or our educators individually, this allows me to provide the support they need, allowing them to provide the best possible care for all children and families.

Nicole Walters

My name is Nicole Walters, I was born in Tasmania and love living here. I cannot imagine living anywhere else. l enjoy the quietness and nature and being immersed within it.

I have a passion for children and their families and love seeing children and adults thrive and succeed and meet their full potential. The family day care model of a home away from home is ideal because I feel that children have a strong sense of belonging and educators succeed operating small businesses and develop programs base on individual children’s interests, development and culture incorporating their own beliefs and values. I began my journey in family day care as an Educator when my children were young to fulfill my desire to work with people and make a difference in the lives of children, their families, and the community, it was a great opportunity to be at home with my children.

My background before family day care was in business administration, I took on an administration position at Coastal Family Day Care as a part time job alongside my family day care and quickly became a Field Coordinator followed by a Playgroup Coordinator, a Community Coordinator, and an Educational Leader. After wearing all these hats and moving on over 10 years, I am now the Program Manager/Nominated Supervisor for this service and thoroughly enjoy my leadership role. I have never lost my passion of working with children, in fact I think it has grown and developed over time as I look closer at compliance and safety as part of the outcomes for children. I work closely with the educators who work with the children to be their voice and advocate for them in making a difference in a lot more lives and see the family day care sector thrive.

Julia Morphett

Julia holds a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood and is the founder and Director of Country Children’s Early Learning Pty Ltd (CCEL). Country Children’s Early Learning was established in 2010 and is the Approved Provider of 15 Services including the CCEL Family Day Care. The services operated by CCEL are located across regional and rural areas of NSW. Prior to establishing the Country Children’s Early Learning in 2010, Julia worked as a Centre Director and Area Manager of Long Day Care Centres for a Community Organisation in Canberra from 1997 to 2009.

Julia and the team at CCEL strive to provide quality care in regional and rural areas and work closely with families, communities, government agencies and departments to provide care in many unique environments.

Julia has governance experience having previously been a Staff Representative and later Committee Member for Southside Community Services in Canberra for five years. In this role Julia contributed to the development of projects for the provision of services to children and the elderly in the local community. Julia has also been previously a Committee Member on the Park Trust in her hometown of Gundaroo for two years.