Board Election Candidate Profiles

Janice Francis

Janice Francis

Janice Francis is the Manager of Family Day Care Sydney Wide, the largest community-based service in Sydney and the third oldest FDC service in NSW. FDC Sydney Wide is part of the The Infants’ Home Child and Family Services, known for its thought-leading, research-based practice and focus on vulnerable and disadvantaged children.

With over 20 years in the early childhood sector, including 13 in not-for-profit family day care, Janice uses her experience and skill to build the capacity of Educators, mentor other service provider colleagues and raise the profile of FDC. Under her guidance, FDC Sydney Wide was named a Perpetual Star Award Winner 2018.

Janice is passionate about evidence-based practice and providing Educators with guidance and mentoring opportunities to embed their learning in their services. She has been instrumental in supporting Educators to collaborate with families and ensuring all children have access to early intervention.

Janice holds a Bachelor of Teaching Early Childhood, with a major in special education.

Marina Buultjens

Marina Buultjens has been a Family Day Care Educator for over 15 years for the City of Casey, one of the largest schemes in Australia with over a 150 Educators. Every day she strives to provide quality care at her home.

As a passionate Educator she strongly believes that “children are to be respected as individuals where their voices and needs are considered to develop and implement a nurturing, caring and safe Educational Program.” She has earned the trust and confidence of her past and present parents of the children at her home having a remarkable reputation as a genuine, caring, honest and professional Educator. This is evident as she has a large number of children on her waitlist each year waiting to secure a spot at her home.

She is very detail oriented and well organized having created a beautiful work area and play area to stimulate the child’s learning and imagination to the fullest.  She cares for all the children at her home with lots of kindness, love and compassion.

In 2012 Marina was awarded the prestigious “Regional Family Day Care Educator” of the year. This award celebrates excellence in Family Day Care by recognizing outstanding services across the country. She was also able to secure “Above and Beyond Awards” by the City of Casey Family Day Care in 2015 and 2016.

Marina is a committed member of her work community by organising and creating a support network for Educators. In this role Marina has been an active advocate for her fellow Educators to help maintain the highest standard of care. She is a visionary leader among her peer educators and is very passionate about upholding the standards of Educators as well the children in care.