Maintain your own interests outside of work

No matter how well you manage your time and your stress, it’s also important to find time for yourself by doing something you find personally enriching or nourishing. Often we give up our hobbies or interests in favour of meeting work, family and relationships demands.  But having some ‘me-time’, no matter how small, promotes positive mental health and wellbeing. It doesn’t matter exactly what you do, what matters is that it is something you find meaningful and enjoyable.

Everyone is different, so find out what works for you. Some ideas are:

  • Make time to maintain a hobby or leisure pursuit that you enjoy alone or as part of a group.
  • Re-discover an old hobby that challenges you in some way or do something creative.
  • Learn something new. Check out what’s on offer in your local area.
  • Notice the things you do that are effortless, give you joy and make you get “lost in the moment” — and do more of them!