Foster and maintain personal relationships

When did you last really check in with those closest to you? Finding quality time for connecting with family and friends can be a challenge when life is full and everyone is busy.

However, taking time to nurture and broaden personal relationships is important to your wellbeing. It’s also good for the wellbeing of the other people involved.

Strong relationships with family and friends can allow us to share our feelings and know that we are understood. They provide an opportunity and an outlet to share our experiences, and can lift us up in challenging or stressful times.

Feeling connected to others also helps us feel confident and valued. Building positive relationships with colleagues, who are familiar with the work you do and the challenges it brings, can also be an important source of empathy and support.

There are many ways to build stronger and closer relationships. You know those important to you the best and what might work for you in your life. However, here are a few suggestions to consider:

  • Make time for positive activities and time with loved ones. This might include:

- “Family time” that is fixed each day such as mealtimes, or a time that you find around other commitments, such as a games or movie night once a week.

- Putting everyone’s phone in a box for a set time (eg an hour) each day to check in with each other and find out how each other’s days went

- Scheduling some time with extended family members

  • Arrange a catch up with friends you haven't seen for a while or, if they live far away, write an email or catch up on the phone for a chat.
  • Plan a night out with your partner on your own.
  • Make contact with a fellow family day care educator to share ideas and experiences.