Know when to seek additional help

Sometimes no matter what you do, life’s stresses can catch up with you and impact on your wellbeing and mental health to the point that you need to seek outside help. For example if you:

  • have difficulty sleeping  or are feeling tired all of the time;
  • have problems concentrating/ difficulty making decisions/ poor judgement;
  • feel on edge / fearful / angry / overstretched most of the time;
  • feel irritable or angry, or even out of control;
  • have increased use of alcohol or other drugs;
  • have noticed changes in your eating habits;
  • have reduced immunity and illness;
  • have muscle tension, headaches and dizziness often; and
  • have experienced other changes in yourself, in your relationships or how you view the world.

If you are feeling this way, it’s good to know is that help is available. See your GP to access appropriate professional help or reach out to one of the following services below:

Lifeline: online chat and phone support at 13 11 14

Beyond Blue: online chat and phone support at 1300 224 636

National mental health services and support helplines for learning communities.