FDCA Election Policy Commitments for Family Day Care

FDCA's Election Policy Commitments for Family Day Care

Family Day Care Australia (FDCA) has finalised our Request for Election Policy Commitments for the Family Day Care Sector, ahead of the 2022 federal election.

FDCA’s Election Policy Commitments is a chance to provide the Leaders of Australia’s major political parties, along with relevant Ministers and Shadow Ministers, with a proposed series of targeted initiatives that will increase the capacity of the family day care sector and ensure long-term viability.

FDCA will inform members of the policy commitments the major parties are willing, or unwilling, to commit to, which will assist in informing members’ decision at the next federal election.

What are we asking for?

Our proposed initiatives are based on the results of a nation-wide survey sent to all FDCA members in October 2021.

The development of our Election Policy Commitments is also a chance to highlight the importance of the family day care sector, as one of the largest national networks of women in small business, and an essential type of education and care under the National Quality Framework (NQF) for more than 66,000 Australian families and 94,000 Australian children.

FDCA contends that it is an opportune time for the next Australian Government to reassess approaches to supporting family day care, with a call for incentivising entry into the sector, supporting approved services to engage new educators, and embracing more flexible and sustainable service delivery.

Through our Election Policy Commitments, we urge Australia’s next government to better support family day care as a vital component of an education and care system that our children, families and communities need and deserve.

We encourage our membersto read the full document and will keep our membership informed of any responses received to our Election Policy Commitments.