FDCA’s releases Pre-Budget Submission for 2023-2024

Family Day Care Australia (FDCA) made a submission to the Commonwealth Government Department of Treasury on Friday 27 January 2023, outlining key funding priorities to support and ensure the long-term viability of the family day care sector.

As per our previous submission, the FDCA Pre-Budget Submission for 2023-2024 contains four recommended investment measures:

  1. raise the hourly Child Care Subsidy (CCS) cap rate for family day care in line with the calculation afforded to centre-based care services so that it more accurately reflects the cost of providing family day care;
  2. apply an additional loading of 20% to the recalculated CCS fee cap for non-standard hours family day care to adequately reflect the cost of this type of care;
  3. a direct funding support program (an “Approved Service Engagement Payment”) for family day care approved services to assist in the recruitment, induction and training of new family day care educators; and
  4. a direct funding support program (an “Educator Start-up Grant”) for new family day care educators to assist in overcoming some of the financial barriers to entry into the sector in establishing their micro-business.

We look forward to continuing our advocacy work in this space and will keep members updated of any policy changes or funding announcements.