Our Sponsors

Family Day Care Australia would like to thank our FDCA 2022 National Conference sponsors for their generosity.


Tasmanian Government Department of Education

Department of Education Tasmania

The Department of Education (DoE) provides educational services to students from birth.  There is no defined age limit because we believe in and are responsible for educational services that enable all Tasmanians to learn, regardless of their age, their background or where they live.

We provide educational services through our 12 Child and Family Centres, Launching into Learning programs (babies to 4 year-olds and their families), primary, combined, secondary and senior secondary schools around the state, including education delivered flexibly or via blended learning. Our Libraries gives Tasmanians access to a wide range of services including community learning.

Care for Kids

Care for Kids

Care for Kids is the number one way parents search and connect with early childhood education and care (ECEC). We’re Australia’s most visited, reliable, unbiased and comprehensive source to help parents make the best early childhood education and care decisions for their family and help childcare providers promote and grow their business.

We ensure that parents can successfully navigate the complexities of early childhood education and care, while supporting them to make a well-informed decision to benefit their child’s wellbeing. We share our encyclopedic knowledge with parents, building their confidence and making them feel less overwhelmed, confused, or guilty.

We want to ensure that Family Day Care services are part of the ECEC consideration for families and are added to parents’ shortlists. Our new Family Day Care focused marketing tool allows services to showcase the benefits of tailored, flexible, home-based, quality care. Highlighting how smaller care settings foster strong relationships between the children, educators and families, making Family Day Care a valuable form of care that is worth every parent exploring.


NSW Department of Education

The NSW Department of Education is a proud sponsor of the FDCA 2022 National Conference.

As the NSW Regulatory Authority for early childhood education and care services, the department monitors, supports and regulates more than 5800 early childhood education and outside school hours care services across NSW. The department is also responsible for implementing and administering state-based funding and strategic policy frameworks to continuously improve the quality of and access to early childhood education and care in NSW.

The department works to drive quality outcomes for children and communities through early childhood education and care, to ensure all children get the best start in life. The health, safety and wellbeing of children is the highest priority for the department.

Find more information on the department’s website.



FDSee has been called ‘a game changer’ for Australian FDC Services. Saving time, increasing quality and efficiency, and enhancing and demonstrating compliance. Every day hundreds of users are online with FDSee, from Services in every State and Territory - from Government to Council, Community run to Private, FDCA Award Winning and Exceeding, and from 7 Educators up to 300+

FDSee is an online system, purpose built for Family Day Care, and used in parallel with your CCS software. Over 8 years of development provides you with all the operational tools needed to efficiently manage your Service, with everything in one place and accessible in real time from anywhere; Office, Educators visits, even at home. Talk to us and find out how we are shaping the future of Family Day Care.


Australian Government Department of Education
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