Supporting You

Please see below for the 2022-2023 FDCA's Member Initiatives that fall under the 'Support’ priority.

Member Engagement Program

The Member Engagement Program is a new initiative that will assist in ensuring that FDCA is able to connect with the membership in both face-to-face and online environments.

This initiative will replace the FDCA National Engagement Program (NEP) and will see the development of an online program of content that will allow FDCA to connect directly with members and provide members the opportunity to engage with several external ECEC experts and stakeholders through online panels and forums.

This online component will allow FDCA to reach a much greater number of members in comparison to the previous NEP. To ensure face-to-face engagement is not lost, the program will also see FDCA representatives make regular scheduled visits to services and educators across the country to discuss contemporary issues.

FDCA Direct Educator Recruitment Program

The Direct Educator Recruitment Program now known as the “Your Business, Their Future” national educator recruitment program successfully launched in October 2021.

In 2022-2023, the program will continue to provide service members and applicants with a dedicated and personalised recruitment support and contact from FDCA.

This will include national advertising to drive applications through to the FDCA national talent pool, job board advertisements and direct marketing to promote the educator career path, initial applicant screening, validation, and referral of educators to services.

The purpose of the Direct Educator Recruitment Program is to not only assist services with the recruitment of family day care educators and help them support their local communities through the provision of high-quality child care, but to also support the sector by driving growth and ongoing viability.

You can find out more about the Your Business, Their Future national educator recruitment program at