Promoting You

Please see below for the 2021-2022 FDCA's Member Initiatives that fall under the 'Promote’ priority.

FDCA Direct Educator Recruitment Program

Following on from FDCA’s 2020-2021 Educator Boost Program and wide consultation with service members, we are excited to announce the launch of the FDCA Direct Educator Recruitment Program in 2021-2022.

The Direct Educator Recruitment Program will provide service members with dedicated and personalised recruitment support. The support that will be provided to service members will include:

  • initial service liaising to establish services’ requirements;
  • advertising and marketing support;
  • preliminary candidate screening;
  • candidate briefs for services;
  • follow up and liaising with candidates; and
  • service feedback and reporting.

The purpose of the Direct Educator Recruitment Program is to not only assist services with the recruitment of family day care educators and help them support their local communities through the provision of high-quality child care, but to also support the sector by driving growth and ongoing viability.

2021 Excellence in Family Day Care Awards

Having continued to go from strength to strength, the Excellence in Family Day Care Awards will once again unite the family day care sector, acknowledge excellence and say thank you to educators, coordinators and services for the wonderful and unique contributions they make to families and communities across Australia.

Now in its tenth year, the awards continue to play a crucial role in generating positive media coverage for the sector and in thanking all those in the sector who work to provide inclusive and nurturing education and care environments for children.

The awards, which commenced in May this year, will run through until the National Award winners will be announced at the FDCA 2021 National Conference Gala Dinner (location an date to be confirmed).

More information on the 2021 Excellence in Family Day Care Awards is available in the Awards section of this website.

Family Day Care Advertising Campaign

In 2021-2022 FDCA will once again deliver an advertising campaign that will focus on promoting family day care as the option of choice for early childhood education and care for families, and also showcase family day care as a career option for those interested in a career in the sector.

This will be the sixth straight year that FDCA has been able to support that sector through the delivery of a direct advertising campaign.

We are pleased to announce that the campaign will also include new digital promotional videos that will also be made available to all members for download. This will allow members to add their weight to FDCA’s advertising campaign and increase awareness of family day care across their digital networks.

The advertising campaign will be delivered through digital mediums such as Facebook and Google Search and will be implemented throughout the 2021-2022 period, with campaign boosts to take place a strategic timeframes during this period.

National Family Day Care Week

National Family Day Care Week is another Member Initiative that will proudly celebrate its tenth year in 2022!

The purpose of National Family Day Care Week is to provide the sector with an opportunity to recognise and promote the important role that family day care plays in the education, development and wellbeing of over 93,000 Australian children.

The annual celebration of family day care is also a key strategic media opportunity for the sector and provides an amazing opportunity to come together and raise awareness about the sector across Australia.

In 2022, FDCA will again be calling on everyone within the family day care sector to get involved in the week by hosting National Family Day Care Week Picnics. Whether it's a picnic at a local park, in your backyard, at your service or in your lounge room, we will be encouraging members to register their picnics so that we can share them with media outlets and raise the profile of family day care in your community and across the country.