Online Engagement Series: Episode #5

Episode 5: Governance and Leadership

In this episode of the FDCA Online Engagement Series, FDCA Advocacy and Engagement Manager, Michael Farrell will be joined by Annette Steley, Service Manager from Choices Family Day Care (QLD) and Jo Georgiou, Regional Manager from Nature Alliance Family Day Care (WA).

Michael, Annette and Jo will discuss and investigate a range of topics including:

  • Establishing a vision for services
  • Effective leadership and positive workplace culture
  • Decision making
  • Management systems

FDCA members are invited to submit questions for the panel to answer during the live broadcast.

A live stream will be available on this page as well as FDCA's Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Please note, if you wish to submit a live question during the stream, you will need to log into your Facebook or YouTube account and submit your question via the comments section.

About our guests

Annette Steley

Annette Steley
Choices Family Day Care
Service Manager

Annette Steley is the Service Manager at Choices Family Day Care.

Choices Family Day Care Pty Ltd, established in 2011, is based on clear and transparent business principles, combined with our passion to provide best outcomes to all children, has enabled us to create a strong solid foundation on which to build our Not-for-profit company.

We are committed to providing excellence in all practices. Our service constantly reflects and develops inclusive and innovative practices. We are also current with latest research and information from the ECEC sector and AEDC data.

We work together with parents, educators, staff and community in active involvement and equality, and are continually growing and evolving to meet current community needs.

In-line with our philosophy and the ‘Rights of the Child’ we support each child to ‘Learn, Inspire & Thrive’ and to ‘reach their full potential in life’. The CHILD is central to all o our operations.

Jo Georgiou

Jo Georgiou
Nature Alliance Family Day Care
Regional Manager

Jo Georgiou is an experienced professional with over 18years in the family day care sector.  With a background as an Education Support Officer and Manager at Nature Alliance Family Day Care, she thrives on supporting and empowering family day care educators. 

She previously ran her own family day care for seven years, providing a nurturing learning environment and collaborating with parents, service staff and other Educators. She is passionate about family day care and has worked closely with children, families and authorities over the years. 

Her diverse experience as a Journalist, Public Relations Officer and Personal Assistant have emphasized the importance of communication and teamwork. With strong motivation, initiative, communication, and organisational skills, she embraces challenges and is a strong advocate for family day care.