Online Engagement Series: Episode #9

Fostering Relationships

Join our special guests, Stephanie Hoy (2023 National Educator of the Year winner), Rachael Sheppard (Team Leader from Kentish Lifelong Learning and Care) and Donna Klitscher (2023 Coordinator of the Year National Finalist), who will explore various relationships through the lens of family day care.

About our guests

Stephanie Hoy

Stephane Hoy

Family Day Care Educator
West Country Family Day Care Scheme, SA

Stephanie Hoy runs Little Creatures Family Day Care in Port Lincoln, South Australia and has been a family day care educator for seven years. She absolutely loves what she does. Stephanie was also named as the National Family Day Care Educator of the Year in the 2023 Excellence in Family Day Care Awards.

Prior to opening Little Creatures Stephanie worked in a corporate environment managing multiple staff and projects, but Stephanie says she would prefer to work with little people any day, as they are so much more inspiring, energetic and fun!

Stephanie believes that when children have a solid secure foundation, they have greater confidence and can focus on their work of play.

“The longer they can stay in uninterrupted play, the greater their learning. Group scenarios bring learning to the next level, stretching each child with the support of their peers to achieve new milestones. This practise cannot be underestimated, it is gold! Children inspire me every day and recharge my energy so I can show up as the best person and Educator I can be. It can’t be understated that how we show up, defines the quality of our service and the foundations we provide for our young people,” says Stephanie.

Rachael Sheppard

Early Childhood Team Leader
Kentish Lifelong Learning and Care, NT

Rachael Sheppard

Rachael Sheppard is the Early Childhood Team Leader at Kentish Lifelong Learning and Care in the Northern Territory.

Rachael has been in the Early Childhood Education and Care sector for almost 17 years and has worked in several different leadership roles. Rachael’s current role at Kentish provides a great deal of diversity and takes her across the Northern Territory.

Rachael is an educator at heart and is passionate about establishing the foundations for lifelong learning.

Rachael has also worked as a Family Day Care Educator and loves the uniqueness of the role and rewards that come with creating quality relationships with a small group of children.

Donna Klitscher

Team Leader
Uniting Family Day Care - Wimmera, VIC

Donna Klitscher

Donna is the Team Leader at Uniting Family Day Care in the Wimmera and lives in Horsham with her wonderful husband and two beautiful children.

Donna was first introduced to family day care at the age of 16, when her mother became a Family Day Care Educator, and Dona has seen many changes throughout the years!

She has worked in the Early Years sector since 2004, in various roles in childcare centres, nannying and kindergarten inclusion but by far her favourite role has been as a Team Leader for Family Day Care.

Donna is passionate about early childhood development, and I love being able to support Educators in their family day care businesses.