Online Engagement Series: Episode #8

Incidents, Emergencies and Supervision

This episode of the FDCA Online Engagement Series will focus on two elements from Quality Area 2 in Incident and Emergency Management and Supervision.

Join our guests, Field Officer, Julie Metselaar from Baw Baw Shire Family Day Care in Victoria, Manager Quality Support Program, Leadership, Quality and Regulatory Support Group, Phillipa Hargrave from ACECQA and Family Day Care Educator, Rebecca Davey, from Southern Vales Family Day Care Scheme in South Australia, for what will be an important discussion for all stakeholders in the family day care sector.

About our guests

Julie Metselaar

Julie Metselaar

Field Officer
Baw Baw Shire Family Day Care, VIC

Julie Metselaar is an Educational Leader/Field Officer with Baw Baw Shire Family Day Care and has been with the service for 30 years.

In 2019 Julie was a Coordinator National Finalist in the Excellence in Family Day Care Awards, representing Vic/Tas and she received the Perpetual Star award in 2020.

Whilst Julie’s role as an Educational Leader/Field Officer is to monitor, support, advise and resource educators she strongly believes that her key role is that of support and counselling. Having also been an educator herself for 25 years her ability to show genuine empathy, respect and mutual understanding has helped her develop strong relationships with the educators in her service.

Julie, with her colleague Carolynne Le Page, recently created and published a book, “When We Go...”, for the Starting Out Safely – Road Safety Education Inquiry Project. Julie is very proud of this collaboration and being able to create something that can be used to inspire others to become more active and safer citizens.

Phillipa Hargrave

Manager Quality Support Program, Leadership, Quality and Regulatory Support Group

Phillipa Hargrave

Phillipa Hargrave has been a leader in the education care sector for 30 years, including 20 years in the family day care sector as an educator, coordinator, service leader and member of the board of directors for FDCA.

Phillipa is an active advocate for sector and committed to innovative practices that drive quality improvement.

Phillipa currently is the Manager of the Quality Support Program with ACECQA, where she supports the sector in building capacity in the ongoing improvement of quality and compliance practices.

Rebecca Davey

Family Day Care Educator
Southern Vales Family Day Care, SA

Rebecca Davey

Rebecca Davey is a Family Day Care Educator in South Australia's Southern Vales Scheme and have been working in the role for just over three years.

However, Rebecca’s with connection with Family Day Care has been much longer, spanning over 20 years.

During high school Rebecca’s mother provided family day care from their home which inspired her to become an educator. she stepped into the role straight after she had finished studying her Diploma of Children’s Services.

Rebecca provided family day care for many years during the early 2000’s, before making the move to centre based care once she had children of her own.

Rebecca worked in a variety of roles and for a variety of services including Montessori centres which inspired much of her service provision today.

Rebecca’s children began attending family day care as young babies continuing right up until they started school. They have since continued to attend family day care after school care and during the school holidays.

In 2019 Rebecca the return to family day care as a Coordinator but missed working with children and knew it was time to return to where it had all begun.

Rebecca restarted her career as an educator in 2020 and has continued to promote a sustainable service that encourages children to enjoy being outdoors and to connect with the natural environment. You will often find Rebecca and her children exploring the local wetlands, hunting in the garden for insects or picking flowers at the park.