Online Engagement Series: Episode #10

Play-based Learning

Episode ten of the FDCA Online Engagement Series will explore the topic of play-based learning and discuss a wide range of tips and strategies that can be implemented to assist in children's development. Join our special guests Beryl Mort and Ali Fleming for what promises to be an engaging session.

About our guests

Beryl Mort

Beryl Mort

Service Owner
Nature Alliance Family Day Care, WA

Beryl originally worked in the finance industry for ten years before starting her own family day care business in 1986 when her two sons were young. Beryl has remained in the industry, worked in both administrative and support roles and has also lectured at TAFE.

In 2012 Beryl, along with Sue Robertson, they started Nature Alliance Family Day Care and have been the recipient of the FDCA State/Regional awards five times and in 2023 Nature Alliance Family Day Care was awarded National Service of the Year.

Beryl comes from a rural background and has many memories of wide-open spaces, playing in the creek, climbing trees, building cubbies, picking wildflowers, playing with the farm animals, driving tractors and being surrounded by nature and a nurturing family.

This rural environment was the greatest playground ever and Beryl believes all children can thrive if given the opportunity and especially if immersed in nature.

Ali Fleming

Family Day Care Educator
North Metro Family Day Care Scheme, SA

Ali Fleming

Ali has been teaching in Australia and overseas for more than 25 years & has supported children and families in a range of roles. Ali has also worked with children under the guardianship of the Chief Executive and who have experienced trauma, abuse and neglect.

Ali integrates her experience in 'learning through play' to connect with children at their level. She then assesses their developmental stages and sensory profile. Next through observation, interactions with the child and conversations with family and caregivers, plans individualised learning plans for each child aimed at holistic growth and development.

Ali has just started her 8th Year in family day are at her Para Hills, South Australia location. Most recently Ali has branched out into Early Childhood Intervention and Play Therapy and runs her business Thrive with Ali Fleming alongside her award-winning Family Day Care Practice Nature Play DECD Family Day Care.

Thrive with Ali Fleming arose when Ali observed Neurodiverse characteristics in several of her students and supported their families to access NDIS Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) funding. Children who have ECI funding often access both FDC & ECI and Play Therapy with Ali combining a magical combination of 1:1 skill building in ECI and real-life application with peers through family day care.