10 March 2021

FDCA 2021 National Conference - Take advantage of our 6 month payment plan 

Our 6-month payment plan for the FDCA 2021 National Conference has been extended following feedback from our membership, which means more time to take advantage of this exclusive offer.

The 6-month payment plan allows you to purchase your conference ticket with 6 payments of $104.00, and will end at 11:59pm (AEDT) on 31 March 2021.

Click here to book your payment plan and start planning your great escape.

NEW refund policy announced for your peace of mind

To provide our members with a risk-free ticket purchasing experience, FDCA will ensure that any members who are unable to attend the conference due to COVID related circumstances will receive a FULL refund on their ticket purchase up until three weeks out from the conference.

This means you can take advantage of our 6-month payment plan offer today, knowing that we’ve got you covered.

Draft timetable available to view

The draft timetable for the National Conference is available to view now and includes information on the Welcome Function and Gala Dinner.

The timetable will be updated as workshops are confirmed.

From all of us here at FDCA, we can’t wait to see you there!

National Quality Framework Review - Have your say

As part of the 2019 National Quality Framework (NQF) Review process, a second phase of national consultations has now begun, with the release of the Consultation Regulation Impact Statement (CRIS).

The proposals put forward in the CRIS could result in changes being made to the Education and Care Services National Law, the Education and Care Services National Regulations or guidance materials covering the application of the legislation.

The CRIS explores a total of 21 issues relating to:

  • safety, health, and wellbeing;
  • family day care;
  • outside school hours care;
  • workforce;
  • understanding of quality ratings by families;
  • changes in fees within the NQF system;
  • oversight and governance of services and providers; and
  • proposed changes to the NQF arising from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

Family Day Care Australia (FDCA) is in the process of undertaking an analysis of the CRIS for potential impacts of the proposed changes on the family day care sector. We will be consulting with members over the coming weeks to inform our submission to the CRIS component of the NQF Review, so please keep an eye out in your inbox for the survey to have your voice heard in FDCA’s representation on behalf of the sector.

Information sessions

State governments and regulatory authorities across Australia will be hosting a number of online information sessions on the CRIS and the NQF Review process. Some of these sessions will be tailored specifically to providers and to the family day care sector.

We encourage our members to attend an online session hosted by their state government to learn more about the CRIS and the NQF Review.

Click here to register for an information session.

Have your say

As part of the national consultation process, feedback is being sought on the recommendations put forward in the CRIS.

Have your say by providing a written submission or by completing the online survey by the closing date of 30 April 2021.

To download the written submission template, or to upload your own submission, follow the link here.

To complete the online survey, click here.

As part of your feedback, you may include alternative or new options to resolve the issues explored in the CRIS.

Your feedback on the CRIS will be used to develop a Decision Regulation Impact Statement (DRIS), which will assist decision-makers in selecting the most appropriate solutions for implementation in 2022.

We urge our members to ensure their voices are heard during this vital consultation period by completing one of the above options.

Should you have any questions about the CRIS or the NQF Review process and its significance for the sector, contact us at

International Women’s Day 2021 - March 8

FDCA acknowledges the importance of International Women’s Day to celebrate the achievements of women across Australia and the world, and take action for equality.

The theme of International Women’s Day 2021 was #ChoosetoChallenge, which called on all of us as individuals to challenge and call out gender bias and inequality.

We hope all of our members have a great International Women’s Day and we look forward to continuing to represent, support and promote our members each and every day.

Deadline for families to confirm income for CCS approaching

The Department of Education, Skills and Employment has provided the following information to assist members with communicating CCS balancing and confirmation of income to families.

Families who received Child Care Subsidy (CCS) for the 2018–19 financial year must confirm their income by 31 March 2021.

The deadline was extended from 30 June 2020 to 31 March 2021 to provide families more time to confirm their income, due to COVID-19.

Families who do not confirm their income by 31 March 2021 will lose their access to CCS. This means providers will need to charge families full fees for any child care they use.

(Services Australia can restart a family’s CCS again but only after they have confirmed their income. This means families may miss out on CCS they may have otherwise got).

If families still haven’t confirmed their income by 30 June 2021 they will need to pay back all the CCS they got for 2018–19, and families will no longer be eligible for CCS from 12 July 2021 - meaning providers will need to direct families to make a new claim.

Families can claim CCS entitlements again once they have confirmed their income and they have either:

  • repaid any current or previous CCS or Child Care Benefit debt, or
  • entered into a repayment arrangement.

How do families confirm their income?

To confirm their income, families need to: 

If a parent separates from their partner, Services Australia will also need their ex-partner's income.

If a parent is concerned that their ex-partner/s won’t lodge their tax return by the deadline, they should call the Families line

More information

We encourage services and educators to access the Department of Education, Skills and Employment’s (DESE) website for more information.

The following poster and fact sheet have been designed to assist services and educators to start the conversation with families, and can be printed and displayed.

You can also direct families to Services Australia for more information.