22 November 2023

New Online Engagement Series Episodes Coming Soon!

FDCA's Online Engagement Series has quickly developed a reputation for delivering high-quality professional learning content that can be accessed anywhere at any time.

To conclude 2023 we have two important topics that will be covered, and we are inviting members to join these discussions.

Incidents, Emergencies and Supervision

Episode 7 of the FDCA Online Engagement Series will be streamed live for FDCA members on Wednesday 29 November from 6.00pm - 7.30pm (AEDT), with our special guest panel exploring the topics of incidents, emergencies and supervision.

Our panel will provide tips, advice and answer your questions about these topics that cover elements from Quality Area 2 of the National Quality Standard.

Guests that will be joining our host, FDCA Advocacy and Engagement Manager Michael Farrell include:

  • Julie Metselaar - Field Officer from Baw Baw Shire Family Day Care in Victoria.
  • Phillipa Hargrave - Manager Quality Support Program, Leadership, Quality and Regulatory Support Group from ACECQA.
  • Rebecca Davey - Family Day Care Educator from Southern Vales Family Day Care Scheme in South Australia.

Episode 7 will be streamed live on the FDCA website, FDCA Facebook Page and FDCA YouTube Channel.

Recruitment for Family Day Care

In episode 8 of the FDCA Online Engagement Series our panel of guests will examine the topic of recruitment in family day care. The panel will cover topics such as the applicant experience, talent pooling, the recruitment process and proactive recruitment techniques.

This episode will be streamed live for FDCA members on Thursday 7 December from 1.00pm - 2.30pm (AEDT).

Our special guest panel for this episode will include:

  • Damon Somerfield - National Recruitment Manager, Family Day Care Australia.
  • Janet Callus - Senior Policy Officer, Quality and Compliance
    Family Day Care Programs, Office for the Early Years, Department for Education, SA.
  • Peta Fitzpatrick - Recruitment Officer, Enhance Family Day Care, QLD.

Episode 8 will be streamed live on the FDCA website, FDCA Facebook Page and FDCA YouTube Channel.

Submit your questions

To help us cover as much relevant content as possible, we want you to be part of the conversation by submitting your questions for our panelists.

If you would like to submit a question, simply click here or on the button below and enter your question.

Excellence in Family Day Care Awards Gala Dinner - This Saturday!

This Saturday, 25 November, 2023 we will be celebrating the incredible achievements of educators, services, service staff and coordinators from the past year who have been recognised in the 2023 Excellence in Family Day Care Awards.

For updates or to watch the live stream of the National Winner announcements, please head over to our socials. National Finalists will be announced via our Facebook page at approximately 9.50pm AEDT. 

A massive congratulations to everyone who was nominated in this year's Awards, and good luck to everyone on the night!

For the full list of award winners, please visit our website.

JiGSAW Grab a Cuppa Contributors

We are on the lookout for Grab a Cuppa contributors for the next edition of JiGSAW due out early 2024. 

The Grab a Cuppa section, includes two contributors (educators, services staff or coordinators) that answer a set number of questions about their career in the family day care sector, what they love about family day care, advice for new starters and a little bit about themselves.

If you would like to be one of our next Grab a Cuppa contributors, please reach out to

Common Breach Areas: Emergencies, Evacuations and Information to be Displayed

Through ongoing engagement with regulatory authorities, FDCA is aware of that several regulatory breach areas are particularly common for family day care, the most common being those related to emergency and evacuation procedures and displaying correct information at educators’ residences.

These obligations sit across a number of regulations under the Education and Care Services National Regulations including (but not limited to):

  • Regulation 97 - Emergency and evacuation procedures
  • Regulation 173A - Prescribed information to be displayed - family day care service

While approved providers must ensure that policies and procedures are in place for emergency and evacuation (regulation 168) and take reasonable steps to ensure those policies and procedures are followed (regulation 170), educators also have obligations to ensure policies and procedures are understood and executed.

Emergency and evacuation policy and procedures must:

  • be informed by a risk assessment that identifies potential emergencies relevant to the individual service
  • set out instructions for what must be done in the event of an emergency
  • include an emergency and evacuation floor plan (noting that a copy of the plan and instructions must be displayed in a prominent position near each exit)
  • be rehearsed and documented every three months. Note that if the service has more than one emergency and evacuation procedure, all procedures must be rehearsed every three months. For example, if services have identified both a lock down and evacuation response procedure in their risk assessments, educators will need to rehearse both every three months.

Educators must also keep a documented record of each rehearsal and reflections of the process.

See ACECQA’s Emergency and Evacuation Policy Guidelines for more information.

Prescribed information to be displayed for family day care residences

The following information must be positioned so that it is clearly visible to anyone from the main entrance to a family day care residence:

  • The name of the approved provider
  • The provider approval number
  • Any conditions on the provider approval
  • The name of the family day care service
  • The service approval number
  • Any conditions on the service approval
  • The name of each nominated supervisor
  • The current rating levels for each quality area stated in the National Quality Standard
  • The overall rating of the service
  • The details of any waivers including regulations that have been waived and the duration of the waiver
  • The hours and days of operation of each office of a family day care service
  • The name and telephone number of the person at the family day care service to whom complaints may be addressed
  • The name of the educational leader at the service
  • The contact details of the Regulatory Authority
  • The hours and days of operation of the family day care residence or family day care venue
  • A diagram of the area or areas within the residence that are assessed to be suitable for education and care provided to children

Please note, if you have a child who has been diagnosed as at risk of anaphylaxis, there is an occurrence of an infectious disease or premises is located within a multi-story building, there are additional requirements for you to display information – see regulation 173A.

We know… it’s a lot to display! However, this is a very common breach area and not actually a difficult area in which to be compliant.

If educators are unsure as to whether all the information displayed is correct and/or up to date, contact your coordination unit for support.

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