3 April 2024

Remember to Register for the National Workforce Census

The Australian Government is reminding all early childhood education and care (ECEC) that it’s time to register for the 2024 National Workforce Census, if you have not done so already. The last National Workforce Census was conducted in 2021.

The Social Research Centre has again been contracted by the Australian Government to conduct the 2024 ECEC National Workforce Census, so look out for an email from them which contains important information about the census and how to register.

If you haven’t heard from the Social Research Centre yet, check your junk/spam folder. If you still can’t find the email, call 1800 639 098 or email .

The National Workforce Census helps the Australian Government to develop and measure policies and programs for the sector and is:

  • Mandatory for all Child Care Subsidy (CCS) approved providers under Family Assistance Law
  • The only large-scale collection of ECEC services that includes preschools and kindergartens.

You can read information about the National ECEC Workforce Census on the federal Department of Education’s website here.

Additional information and regular updates on the 2024 National Workforce Census are available on the Social Research Centre website.

Join our Australia-wide National Family Day Care Week Campaign

Do you want to join the sector in raising nationwide awareness for family day care? If the answer is yes, make sure you register your National Family Day Care Week Picnic with FDCA before 14 April 2024.

Registering your picnic means that you are joining our national effort to raise the image and profile of family day care across the country. FDCA members who register their National Family Day Care Week picnic will have a customised press release sent to their local media outlets.

Just one press release can result in a news article that has the ability to reach thousands of people, so register your event today and be part of the celebration!

To register your picnic, click here.

Registrations for media coverage closes on Sunday 14 April 2024.

What is National Family Day Care Week?

National Family Day Care Week is one of the most important events on the family day care calendar, spreading awareness of the vital role family day care educators, coordinators and services play in the development and wellbeing of over 75,000 Australian children.

By registering a picnic and sharing your celebrations on social media using the official hashtag, #FDCWeek24, you’ll join the only nation-wide celebration dedicated to recognising the enormous contributions that family day care makes to Australian children, families and communities each and every day.

To find out more about National Family Day Care Week and start planning ideas for your picnic, click here.

Family Day Care Australia & Beyond the Bump

We are excited to have partnered with Podcast Beyond the Bump to sponsor their latest episode, titled How do I find my style again as a mum?

In our ongoing efforts to represent, support and promote family day care we have no doubt this channel will assist in spreading the word on family day care within communities and encourage educators to join our wonderful sector.

You can listen to the episode via Apple Podcasts or on Spotify!

Incident Reporting Protocol

Did you know that FDCA has an Incident Reporting protocol for when incidents occur in your family day care business? Did you also know that FDCA's Member Zone allows you to lodge an incident report online with the click of a button? 

Below are some examples of the types of incidents and the time frames in which you are required to notify FDCA:

Category A

These are severe incidents where a claim is likely to occur. These types of incidents must be reported to FDCA within 48 hours of the incident. Some examples of a Category A incident are:

  • Death / spinal injury / burns / loss of consciousness / fractures or breaks to major limbs
  • Any incident that requires admission to hospital
  • Where a parent threatens legal action or withdraws the child from care because of the incident

Category B

These incidents are less severe but a claim may still occur from the incident. These types of incidents must be reported to FDCA within 30 days of the incident. Some examples of a Category B incident are:

  • Fractures or breaks to minor limbs (fingers and toes)
  • Injuries to teeth
  • Lacerations requiring first aid
  • Convulsions / seizure / fit where medical assistance was required

Category C

These incidents are not severe and can be managed and dealt with straight away. There is no need to report a Category C incident to FDCA. Some examples of a Category C incident are:

  • A child has hurt themselves and just needs to be comforted
  • A band-aid is required

These timeframes must be followed to ensure protection under your insurance policy, in the event that the incident leads to a claim in the future.

How to report an incident?

You can either complete FDCA’s incident report form which is available on our website OR you can complete an online incident report from which is located in the Insurance section of your FDCA Member Zone. Hard copy incident report forms, once completed, can be emailed to

For more information on incident reporting, please click here.