12 June 2024

Child Care Subsidy Rates Increasing from 8 July

Child Care Subsidy (CCS) rates are increasing from 8 July 2024.

CCS rates are adjusted each July based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the previous December, resulting in an increase of the CCS family income thresholds and hourly rate caps. The new rates take effect from 8 July 2024, which is the start of the first CCS fortnight in the new financial year.

The new hourly rate cap for family day care is $13.24 for below school age and school age children.

The full CCS rate changes are available to view here on the Department of Education website.

The inequitable disparity in the CCS hourly rate cap remains a significant advocacy point for FDCA as evidenced by our recent submissions to the Productivity Commission Inquiry into Early Childhood Education and Care and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Childcare Inquiry, which can be accessed here.

Earlier this year the ACCC, released its final report into early childhood education and care (ECEC) services which, amidst a strong hearing for family day care, affirms our long-held position that the CCS fee cap for family day care is inadequate, and making the following recommendation (#2a):

“Determining an appropriate base for the hourly rate cap and indexing the cap to more closely reflect the input costs relevant to delivery of childcare services. This could include consideration of labour costs. As part of this, the family day care and in home care hourly rate caps should be reviewed and consideration given to increasing them. This should ensure providers can adequately cover costs, including appropriate labour costs.”

FDCA is hopeful that this issue will finally be appropriately addressed in the Productivity Commission’s Final Report, which is due to be delivered to Government on 30 June 2024, as this is the mechanism by which key policy decisions relating to CCS will be made over the coming years.

2024 Excellence in Family Day Care Awards - Update

Nominations for the 2024 Excellence in Family Day Care Awards have been flowing in and we’re pleased to let you know we’ve received more than 1,200 so far!

The only awards in Australia that focus solely on family day care, the Awards highlight the benefits of the nurturing, natural approach to early education and care that family day care provides.

For more information and to place a nomination visit the Awards page on the FDCA website. Nominations close Thursday 4 July 2024.

By placing a nomination and spreading the word, you’ll help raise the profile of family day care community as a whole.

You can help to promote the Awards, and family day care, by sharing content on social media. Check the FDCA Facebook page and your inbox for more resources.

Family Day Care Tax Tips Webinar

FDCA is hosting a special end of financial year Family Day Care Tax Tips webinar for members that will take place on Thursday 20 June from 6.30pm - 7.30pm AEST.

The special guest for the webinar will be Ben Mueller, Director and Principal Accountant from FDC Tax. Ben will discuss a range of topics including:

  • A 2024 Tax update for Family Day Care
  • Getting the best value from your accountant
  • 2024 Tax Cuts
  • How much should I save for tax and super

Ben will also answer members’ questions on the night; if you would like to ask a question prior to the webinar you can submit your question here.

Those viewing the session live will also have the chance to submit questions in real-time via Facebook and YouTube comments.

The webinar will be available to view via the FDCA website, FDCA Facebook page and FDCA YouTube channel.

National Burns Awareness Month

Did you know that hot food and drinks are the most common cause of burns and scalds in children? 

There have been instances in family day care where children have sustained burns from grabbing hot drinks that were within reach. A simple cup of tea or coffee can be dangerous for a child but there are simple ways to reduce the risk of injury.

Try incorporating these burn and scald safety steps:

  • Place all hot beverages up high and away from children.
  • Move cups away from the edge of counters or tables.
  • Never hold a baby while consuming a hot drink.

June is National Burns Awareness Month and aims to drive greater awareness of burns prevention and the correct first aid treatment for burns.

Kidsafe has developed a selection of BurnSafe learning resources for children.  These are designed to educate children about how easily burns can happen, prevention strategies, making safe choices and burns first aid.

Look out for posts on the FDCA Facebook page sharing resources and information for National Burns Awareness Month.

Tailored Insurance for your Home and Contents

As your national peak body for family day care, we know it is important that we continue to support our members and the sector to the highest possible standard, and it is with this in mind that we want to ensure that you have the best possible protection for your family day care business.

With a range of home and contents insurance policies designed specifically for family day care, FDCA has you covered!

Did you know that many insurance companies’ standard home and contents policies won’t cover you if you’re running a business from home? Even if the claim isn’t business related!

FDCA’s home and contents policies endorse family day care. This means you can be assured that running a family day care business won’t have an impact on a claim you make.

With a range of cover options, we don’t just offer a one size fits all policy for all family day care educators. We have a variety of home and contents policies designed to meet the different needs and budgets of family day care educators.

To find out more and get a quote, click here.