13 April 2022

First round of nominations released for the 2022 Excellence in Family Day Care Awards!

The first round of nominations for the 2022 Excellence in Family Day Care Awards have been released!

Family Day Care Australia (FDCA) members who are nominated before 10am on Friday 8 April 2022 will receive a nomination confirmation email. Those nominated after this time will be included in our second round of nominations.

Click here to view the full lists of nominees in the educator, coordinator and service categories or follow this link to place your own nomination.

How do the Awards work?

One of the most common questions we receive about the Excellence in Family Day Care Awards is "How are the Awards winners selected?"

Each year, educators, coordinators, services, families and local community members are invited to place nominations during the nomination period.

Following the end of the nomination period, nominees are then invited to place a supporting submission for their nomination.

After the close of nominations and submissions, a seven-week process of judging the nominations and submissions begins.

Regional educator winners, Star Award winners and National Finalists in each category are then chosen by an official FDCA selection committee. This committee is made up of representatives who each have extensive experience in the family day care sector; you can view the selection committee here.

National Finalists are then reviewed by an independent representative where a National Educator, Coordinator and Service of the Year are selected

Nominations for the 2022 Awards close on 1 May 2022.

Help make this season one of our biggest years yet and showcase the unique benefits of the nurturing, natural approach to education and care that family day care provides to more than 94,000 Australian children.

To find out more information, including how your service, coordinators and educators could take home some amazing prizes, visit our website at

New 3-month payment plan for the FDCA 2022 National Conference 

Available exclusively to FDCA members, our 3-month payment plan means you can secure your ticket and spread the cost over 3 monthly payments of $208!

To begin planning your great escape at the 2022 National Conference to one of Australia’s most jaw-dropping destinations, click here.

Peace of mind refund policy

To provide our members with a risk-free ticket purchasing experience, FDCA will ensure that any members who are unable to attend the conference due to COVID-19 related circumstances will receive a FULL refund on their ticket purchase.

This means you can purchase your FDCA 2022 National Conference ticket knowing that we’ve got you covered!

A jam-packed conference program!

The FDCA 2022 National Conference will provide delegates with the opportunity to select from over 20 workshops all under one roof! These interactive workshop sessions will cover a range of different topics and are designed specifically to support the needs of family day care professionals.

Not only will you be able to access workshops from leading sector experts, academics and grassroots family day care professionals with decades of experience on the ground, you’ll also be treated to keynote sessions from Maggie Dent, Jay Laga’aia and Professor Linda Harrison.

To view the FDCA 2022 National Conference Program, click here.

Want to find out more about the FDCA 2022 National Conference?

To find out more about the FDCA 2022 National Conference, including access to a range of accommodation options and ideas to fill your itinerary, visit

Reconciling Child Care Subsidy payments

At the end of each financial year, Services Australia reconciles family payments, including Child Care Subsidy (CCS). This is to ensure families receive the correct amount of assistance for the year.

Families need to confirm their income after the end of the financial year for this to occur. You can help families in your care by reminding them to confirm their income.

Important dates

The end of financial year marks two important deadlines for families:

  • the first deadline for confirming 2020–21 income; and
  • the second deadline for confirming 2019–20 income.

All families must confirm their 2020–21 income before the first deadline on 30 June 2022.

If they don’t, their CCS will stop, meaning they’ll need to pay full fees.

How to confirm income

Families confirm their income by:

If a parent separates from their partner, Services Australia will also need their ex-partner's income.

If a parent is concerned that their ex-partner won’t lodge their tax return by the deadline, they should call the Families line.

Register now for Children’s mental health in family day care  

Register now for Everymind’s professional development program, Supporting the mental health of children, developed to help build the capacity of family day care educators, managers and coordinators to promote positive mental health and wellbeing in children.

Spearheaded by Everymind, with support from Family Day Care Australia (FDCA), the first-of-its-kind program offers research driven tools and techniques that have been specifically tailored for family day care. 

The new online program aims to deliver professional development approaches to build confidence when talking to children about mental health and wellbeing, while encouraging educators, managers and coordinators to reflect on and look after their mental health.

There are six self-paced modules, plus the newly created Managers and Coordinators module, exploring various early childhood education and care practice areas. These align with the National Quality Standard, the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia and the My Time, Our Place Framework.

The professional development program is available to educators, service managers and coordinators free of charge and can be accessed by completing the registration survey here.

To find out more about this initiative, visit the FDCA website or hop onto the Everymind website.

Thanks to Everymind for their continued support of wellbeing in the family day care sector. We look forward to future initiatives in this space as part of our commitment to supporting you to thrive in every aspect of your business.

New Facebook group for services, staff and sector stakeholders

The Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE) has recently launched the Australian Child Care Providers and Services Facebook group as part of a new communications initiative to connect directly with early childhood education and care stakeholders.

The Facebook group is a space for providers, services, staff and those interested in staying up to date with early childhood news to: 

  • keep up to date with the department’s early childhood policy and programs ;
  • get information in times of emergency;
  • access resources that can help you meet their obligations and deliver quality early childhood education and care;
  • share information directly from the group to your own Facebook page, profile or group; and
  • connect with others in the industry. 

You can also stay up to date with news from DESE through their website and by subscribing to their newsletter.