2 August 2023

Be Audit Ready – NEW factsheet available!

As members are aware, from 1 July 2023, it became mandatory for providers to take ‘all reasonable steps’ to ensure families pay their Child Care Subsidy (CCS) gap fees via electronic funds transfer (EFT).

The Australian Government Department of Education (‘the Department’) will be auditing service providers to ensure compliance with the new EFT gap fee payment requirement, as well as other obligations under Family Assistance Law (FAL).

Our latest factsheet, ‘Be Audit Ready’, will help you be prepared and can be downloaded here.

This factsheet is designed to assist you in demonstrating compliance with the new requirements.

Key topics covered in this factsheet are:

  • Audit Process and Documentation Requirements – understand what the Department will review during an audit.
  • Reasonable Steps – learn about what the Department means by ‘all reasonable steps’.
  • Good Practice Strategies – explore effective oversight processes to maintain compliance, accurate record keeping, clear communication with families and ongoing support to educators.

At Family Day Day Care Australia (FDCA), we are committed to delivering resources that support your continuous improvement and in the delivery of compliant, quality practice.

The development of the ‘Be Audit Ready’ factsheet completes our EFT Transition resource suite. These tools and resources are designed to support services in complying with the new EFT gap fee requirement and ensuring adequate oversight of gap fee collection.

If you have any questions or need further information about compliance with the new EFT gap fee requirement, or other aspects of FAL, please contact us on 1800 658 699 or at

ACECQA resources to support EYLF V2.0 and MTOP V2.0

ACECQA has released a series of useful resources to assist services and educators in transitioning to the updated approved national learning frameworks, which will become mandatory for providers in early 2024. 

These resources include:

  • information sheets for both the EYLF V2.0 and MTOP V2.0 covering the new and refreshed principles and practices, breaking down the changes and explaining the new concepts or terminology;
  • explanatory fact sheets and videos about the updates to the approved learning frameworks; and
  • updated FAQs.

The resources can be found on the ACECQA website.

Connecting the Dots: Early childhood nutrition webinars 

Connecting the Dots is a national nutrition service funded by the Australian Government and delivered by Karitane in partnership with the Healthy Beginnings research team.

The team are delivering a series of free early childhood nutrition webinars that have been developed for early childhood educators and teachers.

The following webinars are being streamed in August and September:

To find out more about other webinars available through Karitane Professional Development, click here.

National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day

National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day (Children’s Day) is a national day dedicated to celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. Children’s Day will be celebrated on August 4, 2023 and this year's theme is 'Little Voices, Loud Futures', raising awareness for the bright futures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and the potential for their voices to pave a new path for our nation.

Children's Day is an opportunity to show your support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, as well as learn about the crucial impact that culture, family and community play in the life of every Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander child.

For more information, please click here.

Department of Education’s guidance on collecting gap fees

The Department of Education has recently published updated guidance regarding a services obligation to collect gap fees from families electronically.

The latest guidance outlines the type of governance arrangements that would demonstrate how service providers are taking all reasonable steps to collect gap fees electronically. Additionally, It is also intended to help services develop customised policies and procedures.

We encourage you to read the guidance on collecting gap fees electronically.

Level up your business with FDCA’s Family Day Care Locator Marketing Packages

We know that every educator and every service has different needs, which is why our brand-new Family Day Care Locator Marketing Packages offer a range of unique benefits.

The introduction of our new Marketing Packages means that you will have the ability to give your Family Day Care Locator listing unprecedented exposure to families who are searching for early childhood education and care in your area.

Each package contains benefits that will enable you to customise your Family Day Care Locator listing and make it stand out from the crowd.

The Essential Package – Free for all members

The Essential Package provides all members with a free listing on the Family Day Care Locator and accompanying profile page. When subscribed to the Essential Package, you can personalise your business name, vacancy and opening hours along with the addition of one photo and text to your profile page.

By default, all members have received a subscription to the Essential Package at no additional cost to their FDCA membership.

The Professional Package – Take your listing to the next level

If you want to level up your locator listing and profile page, the Professional Package is for you.

With the Professional Package, your locator listing and profile page link will surge to the top of the search results in your area as one of FDCA’s Featured Listings.

You’ll also unlock full access to additional marketing and promotional features.

The Enterprise Package – Dominate your local area

The Enterprise Package has been created for those who want their digital footprint to dominate their local area.

The Enterprise Package will include everything from both the Essential and Professional Packages, as well as your own Google Ads campaign that will direct traffic from Google straight to your Family Day Care Locator profile page.

To find out more about the new packages we’ve put together some short video guides that will also help you to manage your Family Day Care Locator listing.

To view the videos, click here.

Upgrade today!

To upgrade to the Professional or Enterprise Package, log into your FDCA Member Zone, click on My Locator Listing and select the Marketing Packages tab to make your selection.

If you would prefer to upgrade your Marketing Package over the phone, please contact us on 1800 658 699.