16 November 2022

Be You ‘Connected Communities’

Be You’s online networking initiative, Connected Communities, is a collection of online sessions that provide opportunities for educators to connect, share knowledge, lead learning, and undertake collective action for growing a mentally healthy generation.

As well as supporting individual and collective identity growth, Connected Communities supports early childhood professionals to develop a shared repertoire of resources and tools and reflect on challenges and successes in practice.

Each session is hosted by educators within the early childhood sector and there are a variety of topics on offer, including Conversations with Family Day Care Leaders and Let’s Talk Reconciliation.

To see a full range of sessions and take part in the Connected Communities experience, visit Be You’s website here.

World Children’s Day, Sunday 20 November 2022

World Children’s Day is celebrated on 20 November each year around the world to promote international togetherness, awareness, and the global improvement of children's welfare.

This year’s theme is “Inclusion, for Every Child”, acknowledging the right of every child to have meaningful opportunities to engage and participate in their home lives, their classrooms, their communities and the wider world around them.

There are a number of organisations observing World Children’s Day, including the United Nations and UNICEF.

If you are celebrating World Children’s Day and would like to send through photographs or video/s of your event, message the FDCA Facebook page!

“Your Home, Your Business” available now on the Learning Hub!

Being a successful family day care educator demands a diverse professional skillset, none the least of which is small business management.

Your Home, Your Business offers insights, tips and tricks to help you understand the foundations of the family day care business model, the legal and regulatory context within which family day care operates, and how to promote and market your business..

For educators just starting out, Part 1 of Your Home, Your Business covers the core principles of establishing a family day care business and is an ideal tool for services to incorporate into their induction process.

For more seasoned educators and those looking to dive into the specifics, Part 2 explores the essentials of money management and taxation, business administration strategies and how to build key relationships with stakeholders in the ECEC sector.

Accessing the Learning Hub

You can access Your Home, Your Business through the FDCA Member Zone.

Simply log in and navigate to the subheading “Learning Hub”, where you’ll be taken to the home page.

Refresh your Quality Improvement Plan for the new year

Quality Improvement Plans (QIPs) assist services in driving continuous improvement under the National Quality Framework (NQF) and are an essential tool for self-assessment and critical reflection.

As the year comes to a close, we encourage our members to take the time to look over their QIP and ensure it accurately identifies and reflects on areas of strength, areas of improvement and a current assessment of your programs and practices.

For support in this process, you may wish to take advantage of ACECQA’s online modules; a step-by-step approach to the QIP development and review process.

To access the online modules, click here. For additional information on QIPs under the NQF, visit ACECQA’s website here.

Find out how Family Day Care Legal Services has got you covered!

FDCA offers more than just great public liability insurance to protect your business. We have a range of options to protect your home, your vehicle and you!

We also offer Family Day Care Legal Services through our partners, Wotton & Kearney, to provide you with top tier legal advice and peace of mind.

Wotton & Kearney are one of the undisputed leaders in the legal services industry, with specific expertise in the provision of family day care and over 340 specialised lawyers operating across Australian and New Zealand.

Trusted by educators and services for over 30 years, visit our website or give us a call on 1800 658 699 to find out more about how FDCA has got all of your business needs covered.