21 July 2021

Are you aware of the latest amendments to the Education and Care National Regulations?

On 7 July 2021 Education Ministers agreed to a number of amendments to the Education and Care National Regulations (National Regulations). The amendments pertain to:

1. Regulations about the display of quality ratings (effective 30 July 2021).

2. Transportation of children (effective 1 October 2021)

3. Workforce provisions relating to early childhood teachers (effective 30 December 2021) 

The Education and Care Services National Amendment Regulations 2021 are now available on the NSW Government legislation website and are summarised below.  Note that the most relevant amendments for the family day care sector are the first two relating to display of quality ratings and transportation of children.

Display of quality ratings

The Education and Care Services National Amendment Regulations 2021 are now available on the NSW Government legislation website.

Section 172(d) of the National Law already contains an offence where an approved provider of an education and care service fails to display the rating of the service. The rating must be clearly visible from the main entrance of the service premises.

The new amendment relates to Regulation 173 (prescribed information to be displayed) and includes a requirement that a service must display rating certificates issued by or on behalf of the Regulatory Authority, or ACECQA (if ACECQA has given the service the highest rating level) to the approved provider.

This amendment seeks to ameliorate any confusion on the part of a parent, the community or the broader sector by making a service’s quality rating more prominently visible. A new penalty of $2,000 applies if you do not comply with this amendment. Note that this amendment only applies to an approved provider, if the provider is issued a certificate referred in 173(3) on or after 30 July 2021.

Transportation of children

Children are sometimes transported, or travel on transport arranged, by children’s education and care services – for example, transport to and from the service / family day care residence and a child’s home or other location.

In 2020, the Education and Care National Amendment Regulations 2020 established new requirements for services to have in place policies and procedures for the safe transportation of children, including requirements for risk assessments and written authorisations.

In order to strengthen oversight arrangements when children are being transported under the care of an education and care service a number of additional amendments have been made to Regulations 99(4), 102(4), 102D(4), 160(3)(b) and 161.

The amendments all relate to transportation of children from education and care premises and the relevant authorisations required. Provision for transportation of children by the service is allowed, as long as it is duly authorized by the parent, or a person who has authority given by the parent, and provided that appropriate records are kept with the enrolment records. The amended regulations will come into effect on 1 October 2021.

Workforce transitional provisions

Ministers have agreed to extend and align the transitional provisions applying to early childhood teachers until the end of 2023, where jurisdictions have identified this need. In addition, for some provisions the aim is to develop an ongoing evidence-based regulatory approach, prior to their expiry. The amended regulations will come into effect on 30 December 2021.

Details of the extended provisions can be found here.

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