25 January 2023

Education Ministers approve updates to the Early Years Learning Frameworks

Following a process to review the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the Framework for School Aged Care (FSAC), updated versions of Belonging, Being and Becoming and My Time, Our Place have been approved by Education Ministers.

Version 2 of the approved learning frameworks are now available for use under the National Quality Framework. Services and educators are encouraged to start familiarising themselves with the updated learning framework(s) that applies to them and begin incorporating new or enhanced aspects into their educational program and practice.

The original national learning frameworks will remain in operation alongside these until early 2024, to allow time for providers and educators to transition over.

The updates to the EYLF include: stronger connection between the frameworks and the National Quality Standard in areas such as transitions, sustainability, theoretical approaches and critical reflection; the importance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways of being, knowing and doing; a focus on inclusion; and the addition of 3 new principles.

ACECQA has released an information sheet summarising the changes on their website here.

Record results produced by the FDCA Family Day Care Locator

During the 2022-2023 period, requests from families seeking care through the Family Day Care Locator have hit record levels!

The average number of monthly enquiries so far in 2022-2023 is close to 1,400 enquiries, an increase of almost 300 enquiries on the January 2022 - June 2022 average.

On top of this, we’ve already received over 2,000 enquiries in January!

To take advantage of this demand, it’s more important than ever to make sure your Family Day Care Locator listing is up to date and keep an eye out for enquiries that come through.

How do I manage my Family Day Care Locator listing?

To manage your Family Day Care Locator listing, log in to your FDCA Member Zone and select "My Locator Listing". Inside your Locator Listing you will be able to:

  • Update your Location Name (the name of your business as displayed on the locator)
  • Upload a photo to your listing
  • Update your vacancy information
  • Enable or disable your locator listing

How can I access my Family Day Care Locator Enquiries?

To access your Family Day Care Locator enquiries, log in to your FDCA Member Zone and select "Locator Enquiries". Services can access both the service’s own enquiries and view their registered educators’ enquiries by clicking on either the “Service Enquiries” or “Educator Enquiries” tab.

We’ve also put together some short videos to demonstrate how educators and services can manage and access their listing.

How will I know when I receive an enquiry from the Family Day Care Locator?

When you receive a new enquiry from the Family Day Care Locator, an email will be sent to your registered email address. This will contain a link that will take you straight to your FDCA Member Zone so that you can view the enquiry and respond to it.

Submit Your Questions for the FDCA Online Engagement Series!

The deadline for question submissions closes this Friday for Episode 1 of the FDCA Online Engagement Series, featuring Maggie Dent and Sylvia Arotin.

If you would like to submit a question to be answered by Maggie and Sylvia, make sure to click here.

Episode 1: Supporting Children’s Behaviours
Date and Time: Thursday, 9 February 2023, 6:00pm AEDT
Special Guests: Maggie Dent and Sylvia Arotin

Join Maggie and Sylvia on Thursday, 9 February at 6.00pm (AEDT) to explore and discuss strategies that can be used to support children’s behaviour in the family day care setting. Topics such as separation anxiety, impulse control, life changes and balancing the needs of children of different ages will be explored in this session.

Episode 1 is an ideal event for educators and service staff, and members are more than welcome to share the details of this session with their families.

Becoming a mental health and wellbeing leader

Driving meaningful and sustained change in approaches to mental health is a collaborative effort, and leaders at every level within family day care are in a fantastic position to start the conversation.

Be You has developed a Leaders Handbook to help educators, coordinators, service staff and aspiring leaders take action towards building mentally positive and resilient communities, in partnership with Be You.Individual educators can participate by accessing online learning, factsheets and resources to enhance their approach to mental health and wellbeing in their everyday practice.

Services can also register with Be You as a Learning Community by following the steps outlined on their website.

Update from the Department of Education

Contact details for family day care educators

Providers are required to notify the Department of changes to names and contact details for all family day care and in-home care educators.

This task can be performed by:

  • a person with management or control (PMC); or
  • a person responsible for the day-to-day operation of a service (for their service only).

Changes must be reported within 7 days after becoming aware of the change, through the Provider Entry Point (PEP) or third-party software.