27 January 2022

Don’t miss out on your spot at our National Engagement Program forums!

Registrations are open for FDCA’s 2022 National Engagement Program forums and with seating limited, we don’t want you to miss out!

Helping you to access premium professional development and learning, while providing opportunities to network with fellow family day care professionals and discuss the issues that matter to you, is an important part of the work that we do as your national peak body. Through the National Engagement Program, we’re proud to continue our investment into this important initiative.

Tickets are available now and have been heavily subsidised, with FDCA members on average receiving over $125 worth of value for just $15!

In 2022, FDCA members will also be able to take advantage of joint educator and service sessions, giving teams the chance to come together and share in the benefits of joint professional development workshops unique to the family day care environment.

Tailored professional development for family day care

Joining representatives from FDCA will be Red Nose Australia and Australian Child Care Career Options (ACCCO), who will both be providing premium professional development opportunities.

Red Nose Australia will deliver a “Safe sleeping for family day care” workshop, with ACCCO facilitating a presentation on “Child Protection: a family day care focused approach”.

Both workshops will have an emphasis on the role of services and educators, providing valuable insights for all participants and a holistic approach to child safety. This ticks an important box in terms of assisting services and educators to meet both their professional development obligations under Element 7.2.3 of the NQS, and their child safety and child protection obligations under Standard 2.2 and Element 2.2.3.

Full summaries of forum workshops are available to download from the FDCA website by visiting each forum’s webpage.

Attendees will receive a certificate for each workshop in acknowledgement of the learning experience.

Refreshments across the day and an official Networking Lunch will also be included, alongside an exclusive presentation from FDCA on our 2021-2022 Member Initiatives.

Secure your ticket

Capacity across each event is strictly limited, so make you secure your registration by clicking here.

“Feel Good Feb”

Feel Good February is back for another year, encouraging us to join the kindness movement and bring people together through good deeds.

Feel Good February was founded by Linda Pang, a published children’s book author and poet, and a primary and special education teacher. Over the years, Linda has promoted the physical and mental health benefits of intentional positive action and hopes to inspire others to partake in small (or big) acts of kindness this February.

If you’d like to know more about Feel Good February, or to download some free feel good resources, visit the website here:

Protection for every part of your business!

FDCA offers more than just comprehensive public liability insurance to protect your business. We also offer a range of options to protect your home.

Home and contents insurance

Did you know that many standard home and contents policies won’t cover you if you’re running a business from home? Even if the claim isn’t business related!

Our home and contents policies have been specifically designed with the needs of family day care in mind, giving you the assurance that running your business won’t have an impact on any claim you make.

Every home is different

We know that every educator, and every home, is different.

That’s why our home and contents policies come in a range of shapes and sizes to meet the different needs and budgets of our members.

We can provide options like business interruption cover, which will cover any loss of gross income if your business suffers damage or interruption by an insured event, and cover for increased working costs - for example, if you’re required to lease an alternate premises while your primary residence is being repaired, and the new premises requires modifications in order to run your business.

Get your quote or renew online in minutes

Visit our website here to get your free home and contents insurance quote today, or to renew your existing policy.

Trusted by educators and services for over 30 years, give us a call on 1800 658 699 to find out more about how FDCA has got you covered.

“Parental As Anything” podcast

Australia’s Queen of Common Sense and one of our upcoming keynote speakers for the 2022 FDCA National Conference, Maggie Dent is perhaps best known for her podcast “Parental As Anything”, where she shares everyday tips for everyday issues facing Australian parents.

From preparing for school to discussing sensitive topics with children, Maggie Dent covers it all!

Episodes of “Parental As Anything” are free-to-listen through ABC Radio and are a fantastic resource to share with your colleagues and families alike.

For more information on Maggie Dent’s background, her blog and her gallery of resources, visit her website at

Create your own adventure with FDCA’s E-Book!

With the new year underway and new enrolments preparing to start family day care, now is the perfect time to make use of FDCA’s E-Book resource!

Inspired by our members and their families, the E-Book narrates a child’s first day of family day care.

The E-Book is designed to support the transition of children into care and showcase the natural approach to play and discovery that family day care nurtures.

FDCA members will be able to access, create and download as many versions of the E-Book as they would like, free of charge from any desktop device*

Members will also be able to customise the names of the E-Book’s main characters, including the main child, the parent, the educator and the name of the family day care, to make the story personal to your children.

This level of customisation means that you can create a new E-Book for each child in your care, or create an E-Book for new children arriving in your care to share with their family!

Alongside the ability to choose the character names, the use of well-known Australian native animals in the illustrations will allow a wide range of readers to “step into the shoes” of their character and follow along with the adventure!

How to use the E-Book

“My Family” Day Care is available to access through your FDCA Member Zone, under the subheading E-Book.

To customise and download your very own copy of “My Family” Day Care, refer to our “How to” video here.