10 November 2021

2021 Excellence in Family Day Care Awards – Educator National Finalists for 2021

Our final round of National Finalists is here! Family Day Care Australia (FDCA) was thrilled to reveal yesterday our Educator National Finalists for 2021.

Selecting our National Finalists is a rigorous process that reflects on the practices, professionalism and performance of our nominees, in addition to the impacts they have on others.

Our 2021 Educator National Finalists have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to going above and beyond in support of their children, families and communities.

Click here to view the 2021 Educator National Finalists.

You can also visit our Facebook page to pass on your congratulations and view the ongoing announcements and coverage on our winners.

2021 Excellence in Family Day Care Awards Calendar

To wrap up our 2021 Awards season is our Gala Dinner and the announcement of our 2021 National Winners!

Gala Dinner and National Awards

  • 26 February 2022

Importance of the 2021 Awards

Now celebrating its tenth year, the Excellence in Family Day Care Awards is the only program of its kind celebrating the family day care sector across Australia. It’s our chance to showcase the stories and achievements of educators, coordinators and services and promote family day care as the natural choice in early childhood education and care for more Australian families.

We look forward to congratulating our 2021 Educator National Finalists in person at the 2021 Excellence in Family Day Care Awards Gala Dinner, which will take place in Canberra on 26 February 2022.

In the meantime, we encourage our members to keep an eye out for media stories on our National Finalists, which will be shared on our Facebook page and website.

To all of our nominees, nominators, winners and participants in this year’s Awards, we thank you for your continued support in promoting the achievements and talents of the family day care sector.

FDCA Market My Business Hub – Don’t miss our exciting new resources for the new year!

Marketing your business to prospective educators and families is an important way to make sure your family day care stands out from the crowd.

Getting it right can be crucial in determining your success.

That’s why FDCA has developed the Market My Business Hub.

With over 30 years of experience in promoting the sector, the Market My Business Hub will take the hassle out of marketing your family day care – giving you more time to get on with the job of providing quality education and care.

The Market My Business Hub is exclusively available and FREE to FDCA members and has been created to support our members in promoting and positioning their family day care business with a consistent and contemporary look and feel.

Our suite of resources available through the Market My Business Hub, including our BRAND NEW SERIES of promotional videos, have been developed using extensive market research and stakeholder consultation, and best of all, are fully customisable to your business.

When you use the Market My Business Hub, you can be confident that your message resonates with what matters to your audience.

Through the Market My Business Hub, you’ll find:

  • Promotional videos from real educators in the sector
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Email banners
  • Social media images (promotional graphics)
  • A copy of our family day care television commercials to share on your own digital networks.

New content for 2022

To provide you with even more opportunities to promote your service, we’ve made a few new additions to the Market My Business Hub, including posters, postcards and a full suite of videos that showcase family day care like never before!

To check out our amazing testimonial videos and hear real educators talk about the benefits of family day care and a career in the sector, click here.

To access the latest material available on the Market My Business Hub, click here.

If you haven’t accessed the Market My Business Hub before, we’ve created a short video to show you how it works and listed some instructions below to help.

How does it work?

You can access and order material from the Market My Business Hub by following these four simple steps:

1.     Log into your FDCA Member Zone

2.     Select "Market My Business" from the main menu

3.     Select the marketing resources you would like to order (you can also view samples before making a selection)

4.     Complete the relevant online forms with the details you would like on your material. 

All that’s left to do now is wait for your customised digital materials to arrive in your inbox and rest easy, knowing that FDCA guarantees a maximum 10-day turnaround on all orders.

While you’re waiting... why not plan how you will use your new marketing materials?

Please note that brochures, flyers, postcards and posters are provided in soft copy only (PDF format).

Activating my FDCA Member Zone

To activate your online account:

1.     Click here to activate your free account (for the best experience, use the latest Chrome browser)

2.     Enter your service’s registered email address

3.     An email will then be sent to your email address; click on the 'create password' button

4.     Create and confirm your password

5.     Click here to login and enter your FDCA Member Zone.

We hope you enjoy exploring your Market My Business Hub and we look forward to helping you continue to grow your family day care business!

Gap fee waiver extension and additional allowable absences

The Australian Government has announced that until 30 June 2022, services will be able to waive families’ gap fees if the service, or part of the service, has to close because of a COVID case, or if a family has been directed to isolate.

Additionally, a further 10 allowable absence days will be available to families nationally through to 30 June 2022, bringing the total number of allowable absences this financial year to 52 days. 

These measures are intended to provide support to ensure the sector remains strong during this transition period, and families have the flexibility and support they need to keep children enrolled in care.

New infringement policy from DESE - Make sure you’re up to date

The Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE) has announced the implementation of a new infringement policy for identified breaches of the Family Assistance Law by approved providers.

The infringements will act as a financial penalty designed to reduce instances of more severe breaches.

Over the coming months, DESE will be focusing on specific contraventions of the Family Assistance Law, including but not limited to:

  • not correctly reporting fee information;
  • not passing on or remitting a fee reduction amount;
  • failure to meet reporting requirements; and
  • failure to keep records.

The infringement amount will vary depending on the severity of the breach, the structure of the approved provider and the frequency of the breach occurring.

Areas that have been heavily affected by COVID-19 will be exempt from this policy for the time being.

We encourage all of our members to visit DESE’s website here and familiarise themselves and their service with the new policy.

YES, we cover overnight care – supporting you to support more Australian families!

One of the many benefits of family day care is its ability to support the needs of Australian families, including shift workers, essential workers and those requiring high quality education and care outside of the standard hours offered by other ECEC types.

As your national peak body, we recognise that family day care isn’t always a 9 to 5 job, with many of our members providing a diverse range of care options.

That’s why outside hours and overnight care is automatically covered under our public liability insurance policy for educators.

Access your public liability certificate in seconds

FDCA educator members can download their public liability insurance certificate online in seconds, as part of our commitment to providing fast and easy ways to access the information that’s important to you.

You can access your public liability certificate through the FDCA Member Zone, in the dashboard section.

If you’re an educator and haven’t registered your online account yet, this is your sign to start!

To activate your account, simply visit our website and follow the instructions.

For more information on our full range of insurance products, from an organisation that’s lived and breathed family day care for over 30 years, contact our friendly insurance team on 1800 658 699 or visit our website.